Puttin’ on the Ritz

Today’s post is inspired by my friend Stacy’s recent post:

When I was little bitty I absolutely loved Ritz Crackers.  To this day they are very nearly nature’s most perfect  food… Or is that milk?  Whatever!  I was all about the Ritz Cracker, my mother tells me.

In fact, when I was too little to understand the concept of receiving gifts and the glorious  anticipation that goes with unwrapping said gift, my parents would use Ritz Crackers to get  me to open my own presents.  They would slit open the end of the wrapped package, show me a  Ritz Cracker, then drop it down into the package and put the package within my grasp.  I would tear into the wrapping paper to get at the cracker and munch away on the delicious treat no more interested in  what was in the package than when I started.

I still love me some Ritz Crackers and like Stacy, I’ve found that the whole wheat version, while not much more nutritionally valuable  than the original version is quite delicious and perhaps even more tasty.

Mmm.  Ritz Crackers…  Somebody pass the peanut butter!

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