Riggledo’s Story: A Question of A Fire Fighter

The next question to be answered is brought to you by my friend and reader Jody and has to do with an old post.

Jody asked:

“Did you see the fireman again? The one who thought you had pretty eyes?”

Unfortunately, I have not… Well, I guess that’s unfortunate.  The truth is I don’t feel any more prepared to deal with that situation now than I did six months ago.  It’s been a year  since I met Jesse and honestly, I wouldn’t know him if I saw him, now.

We’re conducting fire drills in the building over the next two days.  There are 25 floors in  my building and we drill three floors at a time so it takes a couple hours each day to do.

To tell the truth, I’m really not looking forward to it.  It’s important and not difficult to do, but for those of us who are observing the drills and not just participating when the alarm  sounds on our own floor it’s actually a lot of physical work.  Running around the floors to  make sure that everyone is doing what they’re  supposed to be doing and fill out the evaluation  sheet, trotting down four flights of stairs to the  relocation floor to await the all clear and herd the  staff toward the elevators to return to their offices before moving on to my next floor assignment to do the whole thing again three more  times.  It may not sound like much, but trust me it’s exhausting.  Problem is I’m already exhausted – have been for weeks.  I’m not really up for the fire drills.

We always have fire fighters on site while we do the drills and usually my boss will assign  one fire fighter to each of his staff and have them trail us around.  This is how I met Jesse.

So who knows…? Maybe the drills won’t be so bad after all.

10 thoughts on “Riggledo’s Story: A Question of A Fire Fighter

  1. YOWZA!!! Here’s to hoping those guys do the drill.
    My goodness lol.
    You need to open up a bit Kevin. How do you expect to get to know anyone if you turn on the shy? I moved every year in the middle of a school year and the best advice I learned from that was smile. Smile like you mean it. Smile even though you are terrified.
    People respond to a smile that goes up into your pretty eyes.
    You don’t have to call it a first move (although it kind of is) Just smile and if someone seems interested their smile back will be a little different then a average smile.

  2. OMG did I just read on your side thing that the fireman came back!!!! What do you mean you blew it? DETAILS!!!
    Did you ever happen to think he might ASK for this assignment to see you hmmmmm.

  3. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH how frustrating this is not to be able to communicate in real time.
    Why are you going to be sick? What happened UGH!!!!!!!!
    *paces like mad

  4. Jody-
    I sent you an e-mail this morning to the address you use when you leave comments. Look for it.
    You can always e-mail me there but check the e-mail and let me know what you think.

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