On Monday, I told you about thinking there had been an earthquake as I was drifting off to sleep:

“…In the ‘unnecessary details’ department, I have sham pillows on my bed that I don’t have anywhere to put when I’m actually in the bed so they sit leaning on the headboard which reduces the amount of space for me to sleep in.  This is  generally not a problem but I hadn’t realized I was lower on the mattress than normal.  I was lying on my stomach and had  my left leg extended straight down with my foot pressed up against the foot board.  I was just dozing off at about 12:05 AM  when I heard a loud popping/creaking sound and felt my bed shake.  I was wide awake after that, certain there had just been  an earthquake.

I grabbed my trusty iPhone and pulled up the USGS website with the recent earthquakes maps to see what magnitude the  quake had been and there was nothing for the Bay area.  I waited a couple minutes and refreshed the page to see.  Still nothing.  I waited a few minutes more and checked again, with the same result.

That’s when it dawned on me that with my foot pressed against the footboard, I must have had a muscle spasm in my leg and shaken the bed.  And shaken myself…awake.  I turned on my side, pulled my knees up a little closer to my chest and was out like a light.”

This just happened:


This is a “shake map” from the US Geological Survey.  It shows the epicenter of an earthquake and how far out it can be felt.  I live right around the northwestern edge of the blue area, which means this earthquake might have been detectable at my house if I’d been looking for it.

I did not feel this one.  Ah maaan.  I never get to feel the good ones…

Apparently, I need to get my psychic powers tuned up.

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