Riggledo’s Story: A Question of A Fire Fighter

The next question to be answered is brought to you by my friend and reader Jody and has to do with an old post.

Jody asked:

“Did you see the fireman again? The one who thought you had pretty eyes?”

Unfortunately, I have not… Well, I guess that’s unfortunate.  The truth is I don’t feel any more prepared to deal with that situation now than I did six months ago.  It’s been a year  since I met Jesse and honestly, I wouldn’t know him if I saw him, now.

We’re conducting fire drills in the building over the next two days.  There are 25 floors in  my building and we drill three floors at a time so it takes a couple hours each day to do.

To tell the truth, I’m really not looking forward to it.  It’s important and not difficult to do, but for those of us who are observing the drills and not just participating when the alarm  sounds on our own floor it’s actually a lot of physical work.  Running around the floors to  make sure that everyone is doing what they’re  supposed to be doing and fill out the evaluation  sheet, trotting down four flights of stairs to the  relocation floor to await the all clear and herd the  staff toward the elevators to return to their offices before moving on to my next floor assignment to do the whole thing again three more  times.  It may not sound like much, but trust me it’s exhausting.  Problem is I’m already exhausted – have been for weeks.  I’m not really up for the fire drills.

We always have fire fighters on site while we do the drills and usually my boss will assign  one fire fighter to each of his staff and have them trail us around.  This is how I met Jesse.

So who knows…? Maybe the drills won’t be so bad after all.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Today’s post is inspired by my friend Stacy’s recent post:

When I was little bitty I absolutely loved Ritz Crackers.  To this day they are very nearly nature’s most perfect  food… Or is that milk?  Whatever!  I was all about the Ritz Cracker, my mother tells me.

In fact, when I was too little to understand the concept of receiving gifts and the glorious  anticipation that goes with unwrapping said gift, my parents would use Ritz Crackers to get  me to open my own presents.  They would slit open the end of the wrapped package, show me a  Ritz Cracker, then drop it down into the package and put the package within my grasp.  I would tear into the wrapping paper to get at the cracker and munch away on the delicious treat no more interested in  what was in the package than when I started.

I still love me some Ritz Crackers and like Stacy, I’ve found that the whole wheat version, while not much more nutritionally valuable  than the original version is quite delicious and perhaps even more tasty.

Mmm.  Ritz Crackers…  Somebody pass the peanut butter!