A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Today is a good day!

It is absolutely beautiful outside today.  The weather started out a bit over-cast and dreary, but by mid day the sun had come out and it proved to actually be quite nice.  Walking back from the gym today, I thought I would blog about how I had spoken too soon and finally summer had arrived.  So I pulled out my iPhone to look at the weather app and see what blissfully balmy temperature we had finally achieved…

Oh well, it felt nice anyway.  That’s what really matters!

Today started out kind of crazy.  I arrived at work at 9:00, intending to go to the gym at 10:00 so I could be in and back out before things got too crazy crowded.  When I arrived my boss was nowhere to be found, but there’s nothing unusual about that.  Soon after, however, the lights in the office flickered for a moment and when I looked at my computer again the screen was completely blank.  I hadn’t touched it in several minutes so I thought maybe it had just gone to sleep.  Fortunately, there was no real damage and it restarted with no issues, but in the course of juggling the multiple phone calls that flooded our offices over the next several minutes, I found out that this had been happening for at least an hour and that one of our other buildings in Downtown had lost power entirely.  My boss was at that building dealing with the situation as that building manager was on vacation today.

Anyway, due to the excessive activity in the office I couldn’t go the gym as early as I had hoped and finally headed out at 2:00.  As it turns out 2:00 is an awesome time to go, at least on Fridays, at least on this Friday, at least at this location.  The space was not at all crowded and I was able to do everything I needed to do with minimal impediments.  I even had the shower room all to myself today which has never happened.

When I left the gym, I was really craving something cold and sweet (I usually do) and there’s a Starbuck’s on the way back to the office, but I resisted the urge.  My drink of choice is a venti Java Chip Lite Frappuccino.  Three hundred calories, which is actually fewer than I would have thought, but still not needed.  I resisted the urge and came back to the office to eat my “Bananarama Turbocharged Yogurt” instead.  It’s a cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt (kind of tastes like cake batter) with a banana sliced up and a tablespoon of chopped walnuts.  It’s actually quite tasty, but it didn’t hit the spot I needed hit.  Now I just have to fight the urge to stop at a Starbuck’s on the drive home.  After all, it may only be 300 calories, but given the four glazed donuts I had this morning for breakfast, I really think I should pass… dammit.  I hate that pink box of sugary goodness badness that my boss brings in EVERY FRIDAY!

I’m looking forward to a fairly quiet week-end.  Tomorrow is laundry day.  I’ll take two weeks worth of clothes and linens to Michelle’s house and hang out for the day.  We may go out for lunch, and we may do a minimal amount of grocery shopping but since I haven’t got much money, that should be pretty quick.  Mostly we’ll just hang out at her apartment and watch movies and play games, board and/or video (Mario Kart is our drug) and enjoy each others company.

Lil’B’s family went out of town for the week-end so I have Sunday free which will be nice.  Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with him, but these week-ends when I have laundry to do, I have no time for myself and I’m looking forward to a quiet day at home.  I’m sure I’ll do a bit of housework but that’s good to.

For the first time in quite a while, there’s been a very small amount of movement on my quest to obtain enough financial aid to go to school full time.  Not much movement at all and not even enough to report on just yet, but it’s some movement at least.  I’m hopeful for progress to be made!

Today is a good day!

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