This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I was going through my Twitter time line earlier today when I happened across a link to this story:

This young woman, as you can surmise from the brief article above was abducted years ago and held captive for 18 years before turning up last year.  She was held captive by this man and sexually abused many times resulting in two pregnancies.  It is, of course a terribly sad story.  But twenty million dollars?!?  From the state?!?  Seriously?!?  Come on!!!

In case no one has been paying attention, the state of California is B-R-O-K-E, broke!!! The state government is billions of dollars in the red!  Government workers are being laid off right and left!  You know, the people in those insignificant little jobs like POLICE & FIRE Departments.  Last year Governor Schwartzi-whatsit increased taxes all over the place on all kinds of things just to try to repair the government budgetary crisis.  I paid over $600.00 last year just to register my cars!  Granted I paid for my old car registration in June, just to turn around and trade it in for a new car in November, but still; $600.00!!!

And let us not forget where all this money the government doesn’t have comes from, shall we?  IT COMES FROM ME!!!  And all the people like me who are working hard just trying to scrape by on the meager salaries we earn.  And now some Yahoos in Sacramento thinks it’s justifiable to give $20 million of my hard-earned money to the family of this girl, just because she was abducted by a crazy, sexual predator?  The family somehow see’s this as justice?  Give me a break!!!

You want justice, do whatever you can to make sure the man who did this to your daughter is prosecuted and convicted and sent to prison.  That’s justice!  $20M of the taxpayers money to “compensate” you for what happened to your daughter?  How is that Justice?  Not only is it not justice for you and your family, but now you’re just as guilty of rape as he is!  You’re guilty of financially raping the decent, honest, tax paying citizens of your state!  Really!  Thanks a lot Dugard family!  Awesome!