Bait and Swtich

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re one of the rare few,  non-American people who pays any attention to (or have accidentally stumbled  across) my blog (and even then you probably know) that this past week-end was a long holiday week-end, starting with Thanksgiving on Thursday and ending with the worst case of the Monday’s you can fathom all year.

I was going to write a post about how I spent my Friday with my friend Heather who I’ve known and been very close to since before I moved to California and who I love dearly with all my heart and if only she were a boy (and shared my feelings), I’d move heaven and earth to be with her, but she isn’t  and she doesn’t, so it matters not.  I was going to include the fact that on Friday along with Heather I  “got to” spend the day with her eleven year old son and her 30-something fiancé  and his seventeen year old son.  I was going to write a post about how things  didn’t go particularly well (by my estimation) and how upsetting it was to me and  all the conflicting (conflicted?) emotions I’m feeling about it.  It was going to be really good, too, and you were going to cry.

But instead, I did.  And I couldn’t write the post, because the truth is, I’m not really entirely sure what it should say, or what I want to share and I’m reverting to my  traditional standpoint of ignoring it all and pretending everything is fine because I’m  not sure how to handle the reality of the situation and so instead of writing this splendid post that would have been tremendously heart wrenching I’m going to share something stupid and pointless (albeit, mildly amusing) and call it a day.

Earlier today, I was reading my Twitter feed and one of my Twitter friends said, “Car accident on the penis bridge, nice.

Well, naturally, I was intrigued…  I asked, “The…. Penis… Bridge?

She responded by telling me, “Um, yes 🙂 A ridiculous, unnecessary bridge built in Winnipeg for some ungodly price, disturbingly reminiscent of a huge penis.”  I asked where one might find pictures of this “Penis…. Bridge”, but she didn’t tell me so I had to go in search of it myself.*

You can imagine the trepidation with which I sit at my work computer and  searched for “penis bridge” so before I actually submitted my query, I amended it  to read “Winnipeg Penis Bridge.”

I came across a few pictures:

Both images credited to a flickr user named

How about a night time image of said Penis… Bridge.

This photo is credited to a user on a website called Deviant Art, named

And so, with that, I’ll bring this tremendously anti-climactic post to a close by saying, just what you’re probably thinking:


*Updated:  Turns out my twitter friend did respond when I asked about pictures, but it was a Direct message and I didn’t notice it until well after writing and posting this.  I do believe in credit where credit is due, after all!

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