Aisha Tyler Droppings

It might be a good idea to put down a drop cloth and have a broom and dust pan standing by, ‘cause I’m about to do some big-time name dropping!

Well, OK, actually, I’m only going to drop one name, Aisha Tyler, but I’m going to do it a whole lot and there is about to be a whole pile of Aisha Tyler droppings on this here floor.  Wait!  That doesn’t sound right…

So Aisha Tyler is my new BFF and I have the photograph to prove it.  See…

This, by the way is also the moment I start a new diet.  Holy shit that man’s fat!  Anyway, Aisha Tyler is my new best friend and you probably don’t believe me so I shall now commence providing the overwhelming proof of what I am telling you.

A year or so ago I had a chat with Aisha Tyler after one of Aisha Tyler’s shows at Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco.  We talked about Aisha Tyler’s time on Ghost Whisperer and why Aisha Tyler left after the first season and what Aisha Tyler had coming up.

I got a personal hand written note from Aisha Tyler, showing here:

The shirt to which Aisha Tyler’s note refers:

Aisha Tyler and I routinely exchange messages about various things, like “Lost”:

Aisha Lost 1

Kevin Lost 1

Aisha Lost 1.b

Aisha Lost 2

Kevin Lost 2

And quantum physics:

Aisha Quantum 1

Kevin Quantum 1

Aisha Quantum 2

And Date Shakes:

Aisha Date Shake 1

Kevin Date Shake 1

Aisha Date Shake 2

And Video Games:

Aisha Video Game 1

Kevin Video Game 1

Aisha Video Game 2

Kevin Video Game 2

Aisha Video Game 3

Kevin Video Game 3

Recently when announcing Aisha Tyler’s performance dates in San Francisco, Aisha Tyler gave me two tickets to Aisha Tyler’s Thursday night show, which was last night.  Aisha Tyler also surprised me by reserving a table right up front for me.

After the show I introduced my two companions to my close personal friend Aisha Tyler and I got another personal, hand written note from Aisha Tyler:

Aish is Lit

So I think you can see, that I’m not just making shit up and in fact Aisha Tyler really is my newest bestest friend!  I rest my case!

Now, get busy.  There’s a lot of Aisha Tyler droppings on the floor and you need to get to sweeping them up before some body tracks them all over your freshly cleaned carpet!

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