Nothing Much

I spent the better part of an hour and a half this afternoon writing a new blog post.  The topic was from the list of things I mentioned last week might be forth-coming, “Summer vacation plans (possibly from hell)”.  About two and a half pages in, I suddenly realized it wasn’t relevant.  The part that would have made it “from hell” isn’t happening and the vacation should be nice, at least mostly.

In July I’ll be flying to upstate New York (my first time when old enough to remember) to visit my sister, her husband and their two daughters.  The trip is, ostensibly centered around going to a family reunion near Buffalo.  The family is that of my paternal grandfather and his siblings descendants.  “Papa” was the seventh of eight children and had a lot of nieces and nephews who in turn had a lot of children.  There will be a multitude of Riggses at this event and I will know only a very small handful of them.  This is not my idea of a good time but it will only be one afternoon, and it was the impetus that was needed for me to fly across the country and visit my sister ET. AL.  It also gives my father the excuse he needs to come back to Albany where Erin lives and spend a few days with us sans step-monster, something that never happens.

So the trip should be fun.  I haven’t seen my nieces in three years and I know they will have changed considerably in that time.  Just as importantly though, it has given me an excuse to take two weeks off work and that is always good.  It’s good to have something to look forward to.

So, I had written this whole drawn out thing (if you read me with any regularity, you know that brevity is not really my friend) about my family dynamic and what this trip was going to mean and how stressful it had the potential to be and then I remembered!  “Wait a minute!  No!  It’s not!  It’s going to be awesome!!!”  So you’re in luck today, dear reader.  You’re getting a brief post without a lot of grumbling which is what I really prefer to give you anyway.

So I’ve written a post today, which, sadly, is all I’ve written so far today.  It’s practically five o’clock and I get to go home soon.  Everybody wins!

I started writing something this week that, for the first time, actually feels like it might have genuine potential to someday morph into, dare I say it out loud, a novel.  I’m actually really excited about it and wish I could spend every minute on it.  Should be interesting.  So far I have one and a half chapters, but the ideas keep flowing and the direction seems clear (for now) so I hope it turns into something great.  I’ve been told by multiple family members that writing is my gift and that I should pursue it.  I’ve just never listened.  But I’m starting to come around and I have high hopes!

2 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. Sure!! Why not?
    I’m fairly certain my mother won’t want it and if the first one isn’t going to her it may as well be first come first served. You were first, you got served! Wait– well you get the idea.

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