Paying It Forward

My friend Terri posted this really nice story on her blog yesterday, that reminded me of this awesome video I saw on someone else blog a couple of weeks ago (Don’t remember who or I’d link it).

I want to live in this world.

4 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

    1. You know, it wasn’t until I watched it just now that I realized, it’s more than that. It’s not just the “ripple effect” of “paying it forward” it’s also the “kindness boomerang” (that is the title of the video, duh!)

      You see it in the flower vendor giving the rose to the girl who bought the flowers for the old lady, but then you really see it in the waitress giving the water to the construction worker who set the whole thing in motion.

      What a nice idea to think that doing kind things for other people can pay off so fully.

      Every time I watch this video the scene when the girl buys the flowers for the lonely old lady at the restaurant very nearly brings me to tears… It doesn’t of course (wouldn’t want you think my heart of ice had been melted…)

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