Irony, It’s What’s for Lunch

Just last week, I mentioned here what I had read on Jen Lancaster’s blog about writing being like a muscle and how you have to use the muscle in order to keep it from atrophying, so writing daily is the way to go.

Today, I used that analogy in a noon-time meeting I was leading.  It was in relation to the frequency with which my little council puts out a newsletter and how we’ve struggled to meet our deadlines and find subject matter and materials to include.  Till now, we’ve published twice annually and always later than we said we would because the people preparing stories (myself included sometimes) have not met their committed deadlines.  Since the newsletter comes out only once every six months, it’s been difficult, in my opinion, to keep it topical and relevant.  I suggested to the council, which I chair and therefore am the boss… (isn’t that what that means?) …that I would like to shoot for quarterly publication with the belief that more regular activity will result in an easier time with the previously mentioned challenges.

Interestingly, the council members agreed with me and we’re going to shoot for a quarterly publication.

“Why is this Ironic?” you might be asking.  Well, it’s ironic because after eleven days of consecutive blog posts, I was stumped about what to write today, even though I just got through preaching the virtues of steady efforts.

Also, ironic because with that realization?  Suddenly I had something to write about today…


2 thoughts on “Irony, It’s What’s for Lunch

  1. Since I’ve been doing the monthly NaBloPoMo challenges, I’ve realized how true it is that writing often really does make it easier to write. But sometimes I’m lacking for material too. Once I find something to write about, I can run with it, but it’s coming up with an idea that is the hard part. And I don’t do well with writing prompts.

    Glad you found something to write about. Keep it up! I love that you’re writing every day.

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