The Blond Test: Test Results

My previous post was what I call “The Blond Test”.

One day, a blonde woman was car jacked in front of her house and after the thief drove away in her car, the blonde woman ran into the house to find her husband.

“Honey, honey!” she cried frantically.  “I was just car jacked!  My car was stolen from right in front of me!”

“OK.  OK,” he said reassuringly, “calm down.  It’s going to be OK.  Did you get a good look at the guy?”

“No!” she replied emphatically.  “But I got the license plate number!”

The actual test is somewhat hidden.  You see it goes something like this:

When I was told this joke, some time ago, it took me several seconds to get the punchline.  I am, in fact, a true blond (the fact that my hair, when I had any, was brown, is irrelevant.)

A week or so ago, I told this joke to Michelle who began to laugh instantly.  Michelle is most definitely NOT a true blonde.

And for those of you reeeeeeally blond folks out there, the joke is funny because it was HER CAR.  Of course she has the license plate number and it won’t do the police any good in identifying the thieves…

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