I took Lil’B to see Tangled yesterday.  Nothing terribly interesting to say about that.  It was a cute movie.  Zachary Levi does his own singing.  I was impressed with that.

What was memorable about the experience was this commercial that played before the show started:

At the end, when the logo hit the screen, the entire theater groaned!

4 thoughts on “Seriously???

    1. Yep. You go the gist of it!

      I am, by no means, anit-feminism, or anti-women or even particularly anit-Barbie, but I do not believe for a minute that playing with Barbie’s gives young girls a sense of empowerment! For crying out loud, Barbie is an “ideal” that no human woman could possibly ever live up to without significant surgical intervention!

      The best part of the whole thing, to me, was the simultaneous groan from everyone in the theater! I was glad to know I wasn’t alone.

    1. I guess that depends on what you’re being moved by. The idea that you can be anything you want to be? Great. The idea that it’s because you played with a doll as a kid? Barf!

      Not just any doll, either but one that is about as far from providing a realistic, idealistic image of what being a woman is about, to boot!

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