The Stow Away

One of the recipes that my new diet program gives me is called the “Guac and Roll”. It’s essentially Tuna salad made with guacamole instead of so much mayonnaise. Tuna, guacamole, a small amount of non-fat mayo, some tomato, lemon juice and a sprinkling of ground flaxseed (for digestion I think – but to be honest I’m not sure) and served on a “small whole wheat hoagie roll”, thus the “guac” and “roll”. Get it? It’s clever, right. It’s clev– No? Hmmm. OK. Anyway…

I’m not sure what constitutes a “small” hoagie roll, but where I have shopped I’ve only ever been able to find one size of hoagie roll, so we go with it.

Three times now I’ve made this sandwich and every time I’ve just used half an avocado mashed up and mixed with some salsa to make the guacamole and then made the rest of the Tuna Salad. I admit the first time I had it, I was a bit leery, but it tasted quite good. It’s a nice alternative to traditional, mayo-laden tuna salad.

This week-end, while doing my grocery shopping, I decided to go ahead and buy some prepared guacamole. The sandwich comes up frequently enough, and I thought the guacamole would keep for a little while so why not.

It wasn’t until I got it home and pulled the seal off that I noticed that the label says “Guacamole Dip”. It’s a bit on the thin side, but no matter, it’s what I’ve got, it’ll do.

It wasn’t until I’d already plopped a hefty dollop of the stuff in the mixing bowl with the tuna that I noticed it says Sell by May 18th on it. (Normally, I’d have taken it back, but I bought it at a ghetto grocery store near Michelle’s house – 18 miles away – and won’t get the chance, so I tossed it.) I debated for a minute, but ultimately decided it would be OK and I continued to prepare the salad.

Today, as I was gathering my things for lunch, I pulled the food storage container with the Guac out of the refrigerator in order to put it on the Roll. I opened the container and while nothing jumped out at me, it didn’t exactly smell good. I looked at it again. It’s awfully thin. It’s going to ooze all over if I try to eat it on that hoagie roll…

I made up my mind and as I was walking by K’s desk to go buy some lunch I told her, “I’m afraid of my lunch, so I’m going to get something to eat.”

I found myself across the street at the bakery/café where I found a ham and cheese Panini. It was actually pretty good so I guess alls well that ends well.

Something else seems to have fallen into the bag too, though…

5 thoughts on “The Stow Away

    Well not the rancid avacado thing but that cake looks YUMMY!!!

    Nice to see you posting more. Even if I seem to have taken some kind of mental break lol

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