A New Kind of Passive/Aggressive

This post, is, more than anything else, a test to see if I can work with some restrictions I’m experiencing with my work computer and WordPress. It seems that there’s some sort of technological problem that is over my head between the work computer system and WordPress.com’s website that has disabled many of the functions of my blog, including the Visual Basic editor for composing new posts.

I do not know the first thing about HTML, which is the only option that is available to me. I’m hoping this is a temporary problem but I first became aware of it on Friday. I thought the problem was fixed because when I got home and looked at my blog on my laptop, everything was fine. Now sitting at my computer at work and seeing the problems still exist I look at my blog on my iPhone and see that it looks right there, which means, this is a selective problem I do not know how to fix or even who to talk to about.

So now I want to know, if I write a post in Microsoft Word and copy and paste it into the HTML editor, will I be able to properly post blog entries in spite of the malfunction I’m experiencing.

I had no idea that a computer could be passive/aggressive. Then again, given the company I work for and the people who work there, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised!

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