The Oddest Search Term To-Date

…would have to be the one that found me today.  I clicked on the Google link to find out how this person found my blog and this is what it showed me:


If you’re wondering, this is the post it pointed to:  The Other F Word


3 thoughts on “The Oddest Search Term To-Date

  1. How do you even find out how people are looking for you?
    And I loved that second picture of the book hugging.

  2. Well,I still don’t know how Blogger works but with Typepad, when you look at your stats, it shows you (sometimes) the referral page that brought a person to your blog. For instance, people who have my blog in Google Reader, it has a link to Google reader. People who come form Twitter it has a link to Twitter. Since you have my blog bookmarked in your browser the referral page section is blank for your hits. It’s all very (un)scientific. 🙂
    In this case it was a referral from a Google search page and it shows the page with the search results for that person. My blog was the fourth one down on the page.

  3. Sigh…. I miss reading you….
    I hope you went to the meeting this week…. I wonder how Lil is…. I hope your feet feel ok….I hope that trainer hasn’t killed you….

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