3 thoughts on “The Oddest Search Term To-Date

  1. Well,I still don’t know how Blogger works but with Typepad, when you look at your stats, it shows you (sometimes) the referral page that brought a person to your blog. For instance, people who have my blog in Google Reader, it has a link to Google reader. People who come form Twitter it has a link to Twitter. Since you have my blog bookmarked in your browser the referral page section is blank for your hits. It’s all very (un)scientific. 🙂
    In this case it was a referral from a Google search page and it shows the page with the search results for that person. My blog was the fourth one down on the page.

  2. Sigh…. I miss reading you….
    I hope you went to the meeting this week…. I wonder how Lil is…. I hope your feet feel ok….I hope that trainer hasn’t killed you….

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