Bits and Pieces To Tide You Over

OK.  I know you’re missing me terribly while I’m away doing this NaNoWriMo thing.  I miss you too.  (Even if it has only been two days.)  You’ll be glad to  know that it’s going well.  I’ve got a little more than 5500 of the 50,000  words and it’s really flowing nicely.  That’s 500 words ahead of my daily  writing schedule to make the deadline so that’s great, though I’m still behind  the “national average” for the day.  I’m not worried. The truth is, I don’t think 50,000 words are going to be enough to tell the story I want to tell.

You’re also probably wondering (and I’ll now tell you) how things are going with the gym.  I went on Tuesday night to Target and found a pair of “athletic  shoes” that didn’t kill my feet to wear and only cost $40.00.  I also found bandages that are more suitable to my particular injuries and they seem to  help make shoes in general more tolerable, thank God!  I did make it back to  the Gym yesterday after work.  I arrived around 7:00 to find the place absolutely packed and a line of about six people waiting to use the treadmills!  Crazy!

I bypassed the line and went to the row of stationary bikes.  I tried one of the  upright ones (last time was a recumbent style bike) and rode it for 20  minutes.  Burned nearly 160 calories (that’s it!?!).  By the time I was finished  my butt was sore and, well, let’s just say the seat puts pressure on a special nerve that makes a favorite part of my anatomy…go to sleep?  I didn’t know that part of my body COULD go numb, but there you go.  So when the 20 minutes were up, I was glad to be finished.

I headed back in the direction of the treadmills to find that there was no line and three of them were open, so I was able to get right on one.  Sadly, it did not go as well as the first two times.  I only burned about 380 calories in the hour I spent on the treadmill and my feet were hurting again.  I was wearing short socks and the back of my left shoe was rubbing on the outside of my  Achilles tendon.  No new blisters but it rubbed a raw spot on my ankle.  Clearly I’m going to have to wear longer socks at the gym.  I really struggled  to finish the hour and I had to lower the incline a couple times.  But the  important thing is, I went and I didn’t quit.

I realized when I got home that I burned about as many calories at the gym as I had consumed all day (didn’t eat dinner before I went) and I’m sure that was a big part of my struggle.

Tonight, I’m going immediately after work to the location that’s closest to my office in an attempt to get in earlier (hopefully it will be less crowded) and tomorrow I have the appointment with the Personal Trainer.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to work… on my book, that is.