Weighing In on Weighing-In

If you’re like me, you find it hardest to maintain your diet or weight management program on the week-ends.  How strange that it’s when we should have the most free time that we have the hardest time planning our meals.  It is with this thought in mind that I’ve decided that Friday morning should be my official “weigh-in” morning.

I’m not trying to mislead anyone with this strategy, but as any dieter knows it’s discouraging to see those numbers not going down and if a Monday morning weigh-in reflected the less than perfect behavior that could take place on a week-end it could be very discouraging.  On the other hand, if the week days are filled with responsible actions and pre-planned meals that result in some better weight loss, then the number on Friday morning might be more encouraging.  Besides, if you do fuck it up on the week-end then you’ve got the rest of the week to bust your ass to make up for it, right?  That’s not really the point of this experiment or of this months fad but we’d be lying dieters if we didn’t admit that strategy has been employed by each of us on more than one occasion.

This morning I weighed-in at 300.2 pounds.  This is actually more than my weight yesterday morning but still down three pounds from my weight on Monday morning.  Three pounds in five days is not too shabby.  Now the Fad of the Month is salads for lunch and that’s been my main focus but to be fair I am taking other steps.  I’ve had fruit smoothies almost every morning this week for breakfast and I’ve been trying to eat sensible dinners.  I’ve also been making a concerted effort to drink more water.  I’ve been addicted to Diet Pepsi since 1991 and I don’t really see that changing any time soon.  Water bottle

I bought one of those trendy water bottles you see at all the sporting goods stores (or, in my case, in the house wears department at Target) and I fill it up from our cold water dispenser in the office.  My rule for myself is every other container of beverage has to be the water bottle.  So I drink a bottle of Diet Pepsi, I drink a bottle of water, I drink a cup of coffee, I drink a bottle of water, etc., etc.  Now, this water bottle is a 25 ounce bottle and for the most part I’ve consistently filled it at least four times every day.  I’m drinking 100 ounces JUST of water every day.  That doesn’t include the 48 to 72 ounces of Diet Pepsi and the cup or two of coffee all while sitting in my office.  As you might imagine, I have become exceedingly familiar with every square inch of tile on the wall behind the tall boy urinal in the Mens Room.  My friend “Anonymous” (who has granted me permission to refer to her as K) told me, “Your body will get used to the increased water consumption and you won’t have to pee as much.”  I’m still waiting for that to happen but to be fair it’s only been a week.

So far though, the salads for lunch, has been working out nicely, but it would be easy to get bored with it very quickly.  If you don’t get creative I could imagine it would be easy for this fad to crash and burn.  More on that in my next post.

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