No connection

At some point between the time I last looked at Scruff last night and when I woke up this morning, Alan’s profile disappeared entirely from my favorites screen. For all intents and purposes he hasn’t been online since Labor Day, however at some point a couple weeks after Labor Day he went in and deleted his profile pictures, but now he is gone entirely.

It’s quite possible of course that he has blocked me and returned to his normal usage, but I don’t and won’t ever know that. But given his pattern of late, it’s more likely that he has deleted the account.

Either way, this is distressing to me for two reasons. One, because however irrelevant, Scruff was my last remaining connection to him and now that’s gone. And two because I can’t help wonder what could have prompted him to give up Scruff? Has he actually started dating someone he cares enough about to stop being on Scruff? And if so, why couldn’t he do that for me, unless the answer is in the question and he never cared much about me in the first place.

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