Oh Hey Look. I’m Officially A Blogger

It seems I’ve officially achieved a rite of passage that all bloggers must eventually achieve.  I have a troll.  At first I was kind of mad, because he’s really a dick and going out of his way to be so, with direct attacks aimed at me, in an attempt to prove some kind of a point.  But now I just think it’s funny and he doesn’t even seem to realize he’s only doing me a favor.

Generally speaking, I don’t even read his comments.  I know enough from the information readily available at the outset A) that it is him, yet again, and 2) I’m not interested in anything he has to say.    I can get enough from the first few words of his comments to know that it’s yet another hateful, personal attack and I don’t need to read the whole thing.  None of you will ever know because his comments will never appear on this blog and I will not waste my energy reading and responding to anything he sends my way.  Meanwhile, I’m getting the additional hits on my blog and that’s what I want. I’ll reap the benefits.

Like I said, he’s doing me a favor.  So to you sir, I say, “By all means, continue to be a dick.  Keep reading my blog.  Leave your hateful, spite-filled comments.  You’re not hurting me and you’re just wasting your own time, because it’s no skin off my nose and my readers will never see it.

I hope you’re having fun!

4 thoughts on “Oh Hey Look. I’m Officially A Blogger

    1. Well… I do to. But I’ll survive. It has to end eventually. I’ve talked to the person, on whose behalf, he’s doing this. Maybe she will put a stop to it. Or maybe she won’t. Whatever. I’m not going to let it interfere with my life either way.

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