3; The Best Laid Plans

By the time anyone sees this, it won’t even be true anymore, but as I write these words, it is my third blogiversary (started with an old – secret – blog).

This is a “big” week-end, as usual, in that today is the anniversary of my first blog post, ever, and in two days it will be my birthday.  This year, is particularly “big” as I am having my very first birthday party ever, tomorrow afternoon.

“You’ve never had a birthday party?” Karin asked me.

“Nope.  My parents didn’t love me.” I joked… sort of.

“Yeah, so I’ve read,” she replied.  Karin is the newest person to have breathed the same air as me and know about this blog.  She, unlike the other four people who have breathed the same air as me and know about this blog, can’t get enough of it.  I like Karin.

I digress.

Tomorrow, I am having the very first Birthday Party I have ever had.  I’m throwing it myself.  It’s kind of pathetic; one should not have to throw one’s own birthday party, but no one else is going to do it.  I decided this was the time to do it because I felt like I had a reasonable number of people to invite that were likely to come.  I invited 43 people, most of them using Evite.  Fourteen of those people haven’t even acknowledged the Evite.  Eight of those people declined.  Eight of them said “maybe”.  Eight of them said yes.  Those eight people include me and Michelle and a friend of her’s from work.  You may have noticed that that’s only 38 people.  The other five people are Michelle’s family.

It would be awesome if all of the “maybe’s” show up.  It would be even awesomer if some of the people who didn’t reply show up.  I’m not holding my breath.  I wish you could be there.   So while this is my first ever Birthday party…  it is also, probably, my last.  Way more trouble than it’s worth.

So this time tomorrow, all the hard work that I have done to make this party happen will either have paid off, or I will be really bummed.  Either way it will be over and I will be glad.


My actual birthday is on Sunday, which I will be spending with Lil’B, who has no idea it’s my birthday and won’t do anything for me.  That’s OK, that’s not what that relationship is about.  But, that means no real special attention for, or on, my birthday.  Oh well.


My last post said that I was going to be MIA for the most part this month, because I had decided to make this my own personal NaNoWriMo.  Today is June 10th (it’s the 11th by the time this get’s posted) and I haven’t written a single word for my novel.  I’ve been very busy with work which has managed to stand in the way of any writing at all, novel or blog.  That kind of sucks, but since that’s technically what I get paid for, I don’t suppose I can complain… much.

So…  Who knows.  Maybe my next post will have a surprisingly good report…

4 thoughts on “3; The Best Laid Plans

  1. It is true… I cannot stop. Its brave, honest and gritty and I wanted to read the whole thing. I’m sad that I think I have finally caught up. Its “almost” embarassing how many times I’ve hit it as its been my go-to spot since you shared it with me. I’m honored, I’m flattered andI like you too!

  2. Sometimes you just have to plan your own birthday party. I know many people who have. It’s your day! You shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to celebrate.

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