I took another big step today.

I’ve been putting something off that I shouldn’t have, I just was reluctant to deal with it.

Today, I took as much of the necessary paperwork as I could gather, along with my Cashiers Check for $110.00 to the Alameda County EMS Agency to apply for my State EMT Certificate.

I got my National Registry of EMTs Certification in February, but I can’t work until I have my state certificate which really only amounts to submitting copies of my national stuff, my course completion certificate, a copy of my CPR card and drivers license, a copy of my Life Scan form and paying the fee.  Life Scan is a Department of Justice and FBI back ground check.  I did the finger printing and paid the fee, last week and the results will be sent directly to the AlCo EMS.

I hadn’t actually filled out the request form until I was at the bank to get the Cashiers Check.  I had glanced over it and knew that it asked if I had ever been arrested or convicted of any infraction, including misdemeanors.  What I hadn’t read was what it says on the back about providing a copy of the final disposition of my case from the court and a written explanation of the events.

I ran back home to search my files for the “final disposition” only to realize that I don’t think I ever got anything from the court.

For anyone who is unaware of what I’m talking about, on January 18, 2004, I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.  I was given a hefty, hefty fine and additional punishment.  I did everything that I was supposed to do.  I paid my fine, did my community service and attended the ridiculous excuse for “alcohol education” classes and I put the whole thing behind me… until now.  When I went to court for my trial, I was given a date, in February, 2007 when I was to return to court to have my case closed out, but I was given written instructions to call a few days ahead to find out if I really even had to go.  Because I had fulfilled everything I was supposed to, I was told I did not have to return to court, but I do not believe I ever received anything further from the court.

I wrote my simple, unapologetic, matter-of-fact account of the situation and the outcome and made a photo copy of my form from my original court date which showed my “sentence” and I took those to the AlCo EMS Agency with the rest of my paperwork.  They accepted my packet and my money and told me that someone would be in touch if they wanted additional information.  Honestly, I’m assuming the Life Scan will bring back all the information they require, but I don’t really know.  Before I left I asked, “So I’ll either get a phone call, a letter, or my card.  Right?”  The receptionist confirmed that to be correct.

I’ve been putting this off, because honestly, if I don’t have the state certification, I can’t work as an EMT, and I guess on some level, if I can’t work as an EMT then I have an excuse not to be.  Also, there is a chance that I will be denied state certification, because of my DUI and if I am, then that means I will have done all that I have done, for nothing…

Well, not nothing.  I did start this whole adventure simply because I wanted to know more and now I do.  But I also became very invested in it and I think I want to pursue it.  Now that I’m invested, if I find out I can’t do it because the state won’t give me certification because of this stupid thing I did seven years ago, that will really disappoint me, to say the least.

On May 1st the fee goes up from $110.00 to $135.00, so I dragged my feet long enough.  I dropped it all off, and now it’s just a waiting game…

3 thoughts on “Certifiable

  1. Congratulations on filing the forms and I hope you do get your certification. It would be extremely stupid if they didn’t give it to you just because of a DUI that happened a while ago.

    1. Should’ve updated on this a couple of weeks ago, but I did, in fact, get my State Certification Card without any additional hoopla or turmoil.

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