My first job: The Little Shop of Horrors

I worked as a cashier in a hotel giftshop. I was 14 years old and working with a Work Permit at the same hotel that the rest of my family worked (not a family business.) My mother was the Hotel Manager's Secretary, my brother was the Meeting Services Supervisor and my sister was a waitress in the hotel restaurant. The hotel happened to be across the street from and owned by a "Christian owned and operated" University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sadly the group that ran the ministry proved, behind the scenes at least, not to be a particularly ethical group. One day, for reasons I never did understand, they "laid off" the entire management staff of the hotel and brought in new people. It was Nepotism at it's finest. They installed the husband of one of the brood as the manager of the hotel, though he had no experience whatsoever in managing a hotel. They kept my mother on board and she taught him everything she knew so that he could run the hotel and when he had a grasp on it all, they fired her without warning.

By that time, I was only working on weekends because school had started up again and when my mother told me they had fired her it wasn't long before I quit too. In retrospect, that wasn't the most mature thing for me to do, but working there at that point was rather awkward and I was young.

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