An Apolgy, Redux

OK, so I deleted the old Typepad blog the other day and lo and behold, it seems a bunch of the graphics for my blog posts here were still tied back to that blog.  I’ve been updating what I can with the pictures that were missing, knowing I can’t update all of it.

But guess what!  WordPress is reposting these edited posts to readers AGAIN!  Unfortunately, I’m not finished updating the posts either, so just know that there are going to be some duplicated posts in your feeds.  I apologize for that.  I’d let it go, but then my skin would melt off my body and some mean psychopath (otherwise known as my perfectionism) would squeeze lemons all over me and laugh while I writhe in pain… Or, nothing would happen.  Not sure which.  Don’t want to take the chance.

Forgive me.

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