Sooner or Later the Luck Always Runs Out

In the days leading up to my last weigh-in and measurement taking at the gym  (which was this past Monday) I had some set-backs.

Ah hell, let’s be honest.  I had some incredible luck for weeks leading up to the days leading up to the weigh-in.

I have mixed feelings about saying this but I wish all these New Year’s Resolutioners would hurry up and fall off the wagon.  Before New Year’s I would go to the gym after work and most day’s I’d be lucky enough to find a treadmill as soon as I wanted one. Occasionally I would have to wait a few minutes in a short line.  Since New Year’s, every time I have gone to the gym, there have been  between 15 and 30 people waiting in line for a treadmill.  Whereas, I used to be  able to find an elliptical machine or a stationary bike to use instead if I didn’t want to wait, now they are all full too!  I know it’s good for those people to be there and  I’m happy for them and all that, but seriously!  They’re in my way!  And since we all know that most of the New Year’s Resolutioners will throw in the towel, I wish  they’d get to it already!

One day a couple weeks ago, I drove to the gym after work, only to find that  literally EVERY SINGLE PARKING SPACE in the entire lot was full.  I turned around and drove home.  If the whole lot was full, how could I expect anything  better inside?

The fact of the matter is that since New Year’s I have only been to the gym on the  days that I had a session with my personal trainer.  Those sessions are intense and productive but they’re not enough to keep up the momentum that I had established before the holidays.

Somehow, in spite of all that, I was still losing weight, slowly to be sure, but still  weight was lost…

This past week-end I ate a lot.  And I ate a lot of things I shouldn’t have eaten a lot of.  When it came time for my weigh-in and measurement taking on Monday  evening, I had only lost .8 pounds…

In three weeks.

The truth is, I had lost three or four pounds a week earlier, but over the course of  three or four days, I gained most of it back.

It’s the wake-up call I needed, sort of, to remind me that this isn’t going to happen automatically.  I have to keep up the motivation and the determination.  It’s just frustrating to me to spend two hours in the gym to get a one hour work-out.  I need to find a better alternative.  Potentially a better time to go, but that’s easier said than done.

Anyway, when the weighing-in was done and the measurements were taken it was apparent that I had “hit a plateau”.  At the end of the session, my trainer asked me if I could see myself coming in a second time this week, just to kick-start the process.  I agreed to return to the gym at 7:00 this evening to work with him.

I woke up Tuesday morning with so much pain in my inordinately tight hamstrings I could barely walk.  I actually got my first massage of my life that morning, thirty minutes just on my hamstrings, mostly the right one.  It helped a lot but I’m still  not completely better.

I’m finding at this moment in time that I am conflicted about the gym tonight.  On the one hand I’m excited to be going to the trainer again and for the results I know I’ll get from him.  On the other hand, I’m really dreading pushing myself as much  as I will have to, when my legs and my arms are still so sore from his torture on  Monday night.

If you never hear from me again, it will be because he killed me.  Thanks for your loyal readership!  You will be missed… If dead people can miss people that is.

One thought on “Sooner or Later the Luck Always Runs Out

  1. I KNOW! I know exactly what you mean. I used to be able to go to my gym at 8:00 pm and I could count on it being somewhat quiet. Now it is packed no matter what time I go. Sometimes it’s hard enough just to get there, but when you get there and see you’ll have to fight for a machine, it really takes away the motivation.
    But even if the New Year’s Resolutioners don’t fall off the wagon (and I know it’s not nice to wish they would, but sometimes I do) I bet when the weather starts getting nicer it will make a big difference and things will quiet down. (Actually, that’s a realistic hope here in MN where you literally can’t run or walk outside half the winter. Maybe that’s not so true where you are.)

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