Get Lost

There is a little-known fact about me – or maybe it’s not so little-known – that I like disasters.

I mean, I don’t literally like disasters.  I don’t enjoy seeing people suffer and  when things happen in the world (Haiti) that cause very real suffering for  very real human beings, it moves me… Although, to be fair it does not move  me to the extent that it does most people.

What can I say?  Life is hard, shit happens.  It sucks but you get through it and you move on.  I haven’t sat glued to my TV to watch the coverage of the  devastation in Haiti.  I haven’t watched and cried as they showed images of the hundreds of thousands of homeless and destitute.  I haven’t watched and clapped my hands giddily at the images of the completely demolished and  unrecognizable buildings that once stood on that island.

Truthfully?  I haven’t donated any money.  I didn’t watch “Hope for Haiti,  Now” and call 1-800-SOB-STORY with the hope of speaking to my favorite  celebrity and giving my credit card number.  I didn’t text Haiti to 90909 so that an additional $10.00 could be added to my already too high cell phone bill.

I have my own financial hardships to alleviate and since I’m a tax paying citizen and it was a given that President Obama would write yet another big check that we can’t really cash, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve already made my donation to the relief efforts and I really can’t afford to do it twice.  I know, I know that sounds cold and heartless…  What do you know?  Another little-known fact about me.

No, I don’t like to see people suffer, but if there has to be a disaster, I want to see it.  If I can see it happen, so much the better.  I watched enthralled as the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center and experienced equal  parts grief and morbid fascination as each of the towers fell.  I can’t even tell  you how many times I’ve watched Titanic and every time, I’m struck by the  incredible and, I’ll say it, exciting scenes as the ship sinks.

For ten months, I lived in San Francisco and worked in San Carlos on the peninsula.  I used to drive highway 280 twice a day, every day and there is a  stretch of highway 280 that passes, at the top of the mountain-ette (too big to be a hill but not really big enough to be a mountain) that looks over San  Francisco International Airport.  On my way to work I would look over and  see the planes coming in to land on the runways and all the bustling activity  at the airport.  On the way home, driving in bumper to bumper, start and stop traffic, I would frequently see planes that had taken off toward the mountain-ette (too big to be a hill but not really big enough to be a  mountain).  The planes had to make a steep climb to clear the mountain and once cleared they made highly perceptible banking turns to achieve their plotted flight plans.  The planes were generally higher in the air than they  seemed, I’m sure, but they were still low enough that you could usually easily make out the airline and the sounds from their straining engines were  piercingly loud!

I used to sit in my car and watch the planes climbing overhead and I would imagine them suddenly exploding mid-air much like in the opening scene of the first Final Destination movie.  Of course I never wanted that to happen!  “That would be a tragedy,” I would think, “but if it’s going to happen, I really want to see it!”

Tomorrow night is the season premiere of the final season of the television show Lost.  I have mixed feelings about it being the final season.  I’ll be glad when it’s over because they’re going out on their own terms, their own  schedule, and have promised to answer the majority of the outstanding  questions.  I’ll be glad when it’s over because I’m tired of the seemingly  endless periods of time between seasons with no repeats so I forget what was  going on at the end of the previous season.  I’ll be glad when it’s over because, frankly, I watch too much TV as it is.

But it’s a really good show and I’ll be sad to see it go, too.

When I first heard the premise of Lost my first thought was, “Bunch of people ship-wrecked on a deserted island?”  I remember watching that show when  they called it ‘Gilligan’s Island’!”  My second thought was, “Bunch of people  stranded on an island and having to survive on their own?  I remember  hating that show when it was called ‘Survivor’!”

Side note:  When I first heard about Survivor and the premise for it, I thought, “That’s so stupid!  That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to  happen.  Nobody will ever watch that show!  Nice move CBS!  That  show won’t last!”

Word to all television executives: I’m ready and willing to help you  pick successful TV shows, because clearly I know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, I decided to watch the first episode of Lost because I wanted to see the plane crash.  Fictional disaster is always better (and usually more  spectacular) than real disaster anyway.  I wasn’t going to watch the series.  I  had no interest, but I wanted to see how they would handle the plane crash.

After the first episode I was hooked and I haven’t missed a single episode since!

My friend* Jorge Garcia posted this YouTube video on his blog recently to help us refresh our memories about the goings on of the island over the last five seasons.  Please enjoy as much as I did!

*By “friend” of course, I mean, I’ve never actually met him and don’t
imagine I ever will, but I happened across his blog and subscribe to the feed
and therefore he is now, of course, “my friend Jorge Garcia.”

2 thoughts on “Get Lost

  1. TOMORROW!!!!! It is on tomorrow!!! I am so freaking excited I can’t wait!!
    *gets out Dharma napkins

  2. TONIGHT!!! LOST is on tonight!!!
    I can’t freaking wait.
    To be honest I hope Jack blows up in the first scene. For some reason I just can’t stand the guy.
    There are so many questions that need to be answered. So many things that need to tied up.
    Jin and Sun… ever going to get to the same time frame?
    Rose and Bernard… gonna leave them alone like they want to be?
    Jack… will he ever grow a pair and stop acting like a ass?
    Kate… Will she ever grow a pair and stop acting like an ass?
    Hurley… poor Hurley. If this turns out all to be a mental institute dream of his I might kill someone.
    Sawyer.. How is he going to handle what happened to Juliette?
    Juliette…did she blow up or was that just another flash and she is fine?
    Charlie… I miss him
    Claire.. WTF ever happened to Claire anyway.
    So many questions and so little time to answer them.

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