Ummm… What?

OK.  I know I still owe you people an update about my travels this month and I promise it’s coming but I had to share this.

I was on Facebook a minute ago, doing my daily fish wrangler tournament casts (the only reason to be on Facebook as far as I’m concerned!) and I saw this ad on the side of the screen:

Soul Storage


3 thoughts on “Ummm… What?

  1. Actually, I have been looking for somewhere to store my soul for a while. It gets to be kind of a hassle having to carry it around with me everywhere.

  2. Riggledo Says-
    Stacy, I’m still waiting for your report! I need to know if this is some sort of trend I’m just missing out on!
    Terri, I know what you mean about your soul being a hassle. What really gets in my way on a daily basis is my bloody conscience! What a downer that’s proven to be! 😉

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