This Is Gonna Be Rough

I bought a new laptop computer yesterday!  I’m really psyched about it.  The laptop I’ve been using for the last two plus years was a real piece of crap and was super slow!  So as I drove home last night with my new computer I was really excited to set it up!  And then I saw this!

And this!

“Uh oh!” I said to no one in particular.  “I wonder what this means?” I came inside with my computer and just that quickly forgot all about the equipment outside.

Growing up, I frequently heard my mother say, “Boys and their toys” with disdain dripping off of every word.  While she would never admit to the truth of it, my mother has always hated men.  Sadly she even hates the ones she gave birth to, though she’d tell you that isn’t true.  Anytime I got something new and I’d make a comment about wanting to be careful to keep it nice, she’d just shake her head and say, “Boys and their toys.”  But if you remove the motherly disdain and the pain that causes, she’s not entirely wrong.  As a broad generalization, men do like their gadgets and gizmos and I’m no exception so when I broke out the new laptop and started setting it up, I was absorbed.  I was still playing with it till 2:45 this morning before I finally put the computer down and went to bed.  Knowing I had stayed up too late, and that I needed a good night’s sleep, I set the alarm for 10:30 AM.

You know the sound and sheer volume of it that comes from digging around in a bag full of aluminum cans?  Yeah, I didn’t either until I moved into my current home and the little old Asian lady started coming around every few days digging through my recycling for all my aluminum cans (and I generate a lot of them – totally addicted to Diet Pepsi) AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING!!!  But trust me when I tell you, its loud folks!  I awoke, at 8:02 this morning to what sounded like THAT SOUND to me!  When I got up and looked out the window, this is what I saw!

People, its Saturday! I was sure that the construction equipment would not come into play until at least Monday, but alas, I was wrong. (Did I just say “alas”?) Clearly, I’ll be going to bed early tonight… maybe.

Thanks, neighbors, for scheduling your roofing work to begin at o’dark thirty on a Saturday morning and thanks even more for the advanced warning!

By the way, the guys worked for exactly one hour and then went on break.

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