…and Other’s Require More Effort!

I hadn’t really intended to resume writing at this site just to disappear for a month, but the last several weeks have been tremendously, and unexpectedly busy.

My new job keeps me very occupied, which means that, unlike my last job, I have not had any time for messing around at work,  (well…  I say I haven’t had any time for messing around at work…  I have managed to find a few minutes here and there for some “messing around”…  But that’s another story for another time, or maybe not…).  I certainly have not had time for writing blog posts!  On top of that, my evenings and week-ends have been pretty hectic as well.  Making time to write blog posts has been nearly impossible!  When I’m not working, which has been mostly on Saturday’s I’m hanging out with Lil’B, or other friends, or shopping, or whatever…  And when none of that is going on, I’m often engaged in the ongoing text-a-palooza with “A Guy” that has been, in equal parts, ripping my heart out, and showing me a world of possibilities I never believed existed for me.  He is less so “a guy” now, and more so “the guy”, though it’s still really complicated and not without its share of frustration…  But I’m getting ahead of my self and it’s much too late to get very far into that tonight.  Besides, I’m still processing and not sure what or how much to say.  So apparently I’m just a big tease…  But then again so is he…  Er, what was I saying?

There are a lot of things to write about and I really must make the time to get it in, but for now, there’s this…

In the early middle of June, I went one Saturday afternoon to K’s house in Berkeley, for her son’s graduation party/barbecue.  At the end of the party, I was in the kitchen packing up the things I had brought along, when K’s father, in from Arizona for the event, said, “Kevin?  Is that your car out front here?”  I confirmed that it was and he said, “cause this guy just smacked your car!”  Now my car was parked at the curb, at the edge of K’s driveway, with at least 20 feet of open curb between my rear bumper and the corner.  Remember that.  It’ll be important in a second.

K and I ran out to the street to see what had happened as the late-model Honda Accord drove away from the scene.  he drove halfway down the block, turned around in a driveway and then parked his car at the curb.  Seeing K and me standing there, he strolled slowly, and with empty hands, back to where I was standing, behind my car and examining the damage.  The first words out of this guy’s mouth were, “Oh, sorry.  I thought I had enough room to park there.”

I turned around and looked at the expanse of curb behind me and said, “Um, I think you had plenty of room to park there”

We surveyed the damage to my car and it was minimal.  I told the young man, “It doesn’t look to bad.  I’m sure it won’t be too complicated to fix, but I should go ahead and get your information.  Do you know he actually rolled his eyes at me, and then sauntered back down the street to his car to get his insurance information?!?

My Honda Insight, Damaged Bumper, Taken outside K’s house, Berkeley, CA

A week later, I had dropped my car off at a body shop to get the damage repaired, and I was on my way to the Hertz Local Edition lot to pick up my rental car.  When the driver pulled into the lot, I saw it right away.  The car of my dreams…  all most.  They had one white, Convertible Mustang on the lot (I don’t care for white cars, but otherwise it was great!) just waiting for someone to pick it out and drive away.   I was meant to be that someone.  My whole life a Mustang has been my dream car, though I never really thought I would be a Convertible guy.  Since it was an insurance replacement (my insurance policy covered $25.00 a day), they were offering discounted rates.  I don’t know what the Mustang would normally cost, but with the insurance company discount, it cost only $40.00 a day including Taxes.  My portion was only about $15.00 a/day.  When the lady at the counter told me that, I had only one response:  “Why not!  It’s time to kill the dream, anyway!  Let’s go for it.”  I thought the likelihood of it living up to my expectation was pretty low, so once I had driven one, I wouldn’t be so excited any longer.

I picked the car up on Friday morning, and I already had plans to go on a photo expedition on Saturday, with K.  (In April, just before starting my new job, I went to Albany, NY to visit my sister and her family, finally getting to meet, not only the new baby baby, but also, the nearly three-year old I hadn’t gotten to meet at that point.  Before going on that trip, I bought a fancy pants new digital 35 millimeter camera and I’m itching to learn all of its secrets.)  Naturally, while we were out, I had to have some pictures of the Mustang.

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The Mustang which did nothing to destroy my dream!

I had that car for a week five days, three of which were rainy, which I thought was completely unfair of Mother Nature.  The rain tapered off on the third day, but it was still a bit cold.  I didn’t care.  I had a Mustang for only a few days.  I was not about to lose a single precious moment in that car!

Driving the rented Mustang with the top down on the first available opportunity.  It was about 60 degrees, but I didn't care!
Driving the rented Mustang with the top down on the first available opportunity. It was about 60 degrees, but I didn’t care!

At the end of the week, I did not want to give it back which meant…  There was only one thing to be done:

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SOME dreams do come true.

I’m Getting Married

OK.  I’m not getting married…  But I can!

Well, no, actually, I can’t.  But if I could, then I could.

Maybe I better explain…

One summer when I was young, my sister and I were visiting my father and on one particular day, I overheard my father telling my sister about a popular “game”, when he was in high school that he heard the girls playing.  I assume it was the girls.  It sounds like a girls kind of game, but who knows.

Anyway, the game goes something like this.  You pick your favorite car.  Whatever your favorite car is, you look for it everyday all the time when you’re out and about and you count it; only, you only count the red ones, ’cause, you know red and love and all that.  Anyway, you count your favorite car, in red only, every time you see it and then when you reach 500, in theory, you will marry the next boy you kiss.

Erin’s favorite car at the time (roughly 1985) was the Mercury Cougar.  Mercury Cougars, in red, were not exactly common place and to be honest, I don’t know how far she got before she lost track, gave up, outgrew the game.

I didn’t see any reason why this had to be a girls only game.  I was such a romantic as a kid *cough, cough* yeah right *cough, cough*.  So I decided I’d count my favorite car, a Pontiac Fiero, in red only, of course.  I liked the Pontiac Fiero because it was, in my 10-year-old estimation, the closest attainable facsimile to a DeLorean/Time Machine I was ever going to get and that was enough for me.  Red Pontiac Fieros were a little easier to come by than red Mercury Cougars, but before too long my favorite car changed to something else and I had to start over.  And it changed again, and I lost count, and it changed again, and I lost count again, and eventually, I just gave up.  I was pretty young after all, marriage seemed a lifetime away.  Little did I know…


One of the first things that I discovered I had in common with Lil’B is that we are both very fond of Ford Mustangs.  We’ll be driving down the road and suddenly I’ll hear his low, excited voice from the back seat saying “Moostaaang!!!  I see one!  Over there!”  I quickly began to realize that THERE ARE MUSTANGS EVERYWHERE around here!

One day, just for grins and giggles I counted how many mustangs we saw.  I don’t remember what the count ended up being in a one day period and counting all of them, not just the red ones, but it was significant.  And counting them that day reminded me of this game my father had inadvertently taught me lo those many years ago. So I thought, “What the hell?  I’ll count the red, late-model mustangs, my dream car, and I’ll see how long it takes me to get to 500.”

And last night, on my way home from work, merely five months since I started counting, I passed my 5o0th red, late-model mustang on the highway.  And now the next guy I kiss, is the guy I’m going to marry… Right?

Look out boys!